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A modern Boarding House in the heart of Innsbruck

Flexible, modern and open-minded.

We are flexible.

What do you need? How long do you want to stay with us? Are you undergoing educational training (school, apprenticeship, studies) also music- sports? Do you want to share a room with your boyfriend/girlfriend? Do you have any nutritional requirements? No worries – we stand by your side and guide you. There are many friendly people your age in the same situation as you are looking forward to meeting you.

In line with the times

We are up to date and speak your language.

We are international

As you see our webpage is bilingual. Most of our staff can speak English, some speak French, Bosnian/Serbian-Croatian, Farsi and Italian. We also have students whose first language is not German. Consequently positive friendships develop between different cultures.
Your SLH Innbruck

120 years in service of young people

The SLH Innsbruck has provided a “second home” for thousands of young people. Most have reached their educational goal. Their success was attributed to positive surroundings, competent care and a modern infrastructure.

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Six cornerstones which are very important in our support.


The successful graduation of your education is the focus of our work, and we support you as appropriate for your age and line of education.
Pupils: confidential talks, reporting grades, school progress analyses, advising parents, interface connection to school and other services. We document and analyze the development and can react purposefully to negative tendencies and weaknesses. When developing individual solution strategies, the parents are involved. Our individual coaching is complemented by our in-house "buddy system". Apprentices:individually tailored. Student: individually tailored. We see the boarding school life as a valuable section of young people on their way to graduation.


Our employees take care of you. Individually and around the clock.


A few weeks in up to a whole year. With or without lunch. 5-day week or the whole week. Additional training in sports or music. Vegetarian or "second-hand vegetarian".


Our house is open for you all year. Only during the Christmas holidays and the Easter weekend we are closed.


Individually. Confidential conversations. Involvement of parents. Control of development and success. Boarding House policy.


Mens sana in corpore sano - A healthy mind in a healthy body. Our kitchen management will be happy to advise you.


SpSports: leisure sports. Hobby sport. Competitive sport. School sports. Music: hobby- and leisure-oriented. School Music. Music career. Art: as a hobby or in your school education.
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